NAPoWriMo 2013, Day 3

Today’s prompt is to write a sea shanty but I struggled with it so I came up with something that has more meaning to me. So here is my poem that tells a story of a homeless man. 

NAPoWriMo 2013, Day 3: I Am Homeless with My Dog

I am a homeless person. I am thankful, appreciative and love with all of my heart. I don’t take anything for granted because I don’t have much. God is good to me.

Some people walk by me on the street and turn their nose up at me or look the other way. I just smile at them anyways. Some days I don’t eat because I don’t get any money. If a person walks by me on the street and throws a quarter into my cup, I am gracious because it’s more than what I started with. If I get fifty cents, I can buy my dog a bone. If I get one dollar, I can by some food for myself. My dog is my best friend, my only friend and I will feed him before I feed myself because he is always there for me. For the man that feeds his dog before himself is unselfish and kind.

When it rains or snows we find shelter under a bridge or in an abandoned building to keep from getting wet and cold. Sometimes it is very cold out but as long as I have my warm clothes, some cardboard or newspapers to cover up with, and my dog has a blanket, I am satisfied. The summer is the best season because I am no longer cold and I can take a bath in the river and wash my clothes.

The man that has less, values things more. I am a man with nothing but my best friend, therefore I value everything. The world is beautiful and each and every day I take time to reflect on what I have. I am alive and that is enough to be thankful for. I am homeless and I am happy.