I offer photography and web design services. Below you will find some information and links about those services.

Photography Services

Are you looking for a photographer for your engagement, wedding or event? Is it time to have family portraits taken? Does your high school student have an upcoming prom or are they graduating and need portraits taken? Do you need a photographer for assignments to shoot landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes or nature? I am a photographer and I shoot models, portrait, event, landscape, wildlife and nature photography. I offer a variety of photography services for your needs and budget.

My love for photography has grown immensely and I find the more I capture that look or that perfect shot, the more I want to chase after the next shot. I photograph models, portraits, events, landscapes and wildlife. I also offer black and white photography. By browsing my posts you can discover my passion for love of photography. I will be including images and a brief description from my photo shoots. Furthermore, I will be updating my blog on a regular basis, so sign up for my feed to be sure you don’t miss anything.  View my photography web site or my facebook photography page for more information. I have designed another web site for my modeling photography, which includes information and prices to get started in a modeling career. Feel free to check that out. Maybe refer some models to that site…

Web & Graphic Design Services
Are you looking for a great looking web site with tons of traffic that will boost your sales? I can promote your business online with a great looking custom designed professional web site so you can attract customers to your site. We focus on designing easy to navigate and user-friendly web sites so your visitor will stay around a while and navigate through your site. We have a range of premium quality services to make your new web site a success. Whatever your needs are, we can work with you to create the web presence you are looking for and help you achieve your goals.

I offer affordable quality custom web site design for your small business or personal needs. Whether you are looking for a new web site or you are just looking to just give your old site a touch up or a new look, I can help you. I can show you how easy it is to have your own E-commerce site, Blog, Social Networking and Bookmarking sites, RSS Feeds and help you increase traffic to your site. View my consulting web site for more information.

My blog which includes various topics on web and graphic design, pc technical support, and photography. Occasionally I will provide free tips and articles & resources on different design and tech topics.

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